How do you/ your family cope with a child been on a restricted diet?

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We cope fine at home but eating out is a huge problem. We now have one takeaway that has a special plan in place to cook us a free from alternative a couple of restaurants we know will cook from scratch for us. Eating with family is actually harder so we usually have to take food or arrive early and help prepare food with them.

More they are nervous I think that they may do it wrong. It does mean alot more expense and alot of forward planning to eat a restricted diet but for us now its normal.


I agree, eating at home is fine, eating out is stressful for many reasons and eating with family is definately harder. We live in the US and there is much awareness (now) about food allergies in both restaurants and schools, as food allergies are sadly becoming commonplace. That being said, some places are better than others, including different states. Our son feels safest at home, where the environment is controlled, but we have had to teach him how to navigate in society with his restrictions. Not an easy task but do-able nonetheless.

When he was younger, he was severely restricted - 6 foods only (which he did react to as well). His culprits were both food and environmental in nature so putting him on an elemental formula diet would have been ineffective in treating his EoE (for him - every case is different) plus we had to consider the psychological impact it would have had on him at the time (3yrs old with an emotional attachment to food). He is doing well now and in a "remissive" state with the ability to eat close to 30 different foods with some minor seasonal modifications to his diet. Right now his eos are in check via steroid therapy... What therapy options are available in the UK?