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How to meet someone locally that is in the same boat


I am wanting to meet local families that are in the same boat as we are. i have two daughters that have Eosinophilic gastritis and colitis, one off them doesn't eat at all and is tube fed and i have found that i have lost a lot of my friends as they don't understand or can't cope with what we go through, I have also isolated myself away from the rest of the world. How can i find local families that can meet for coffee, chat and support, who understands us as well as making friends

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We are actually a charity so if you go to you can become a member (its free). We are having a meet up at Legoland in June. I have three children with EGID two have tubes. Which area are you in?

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Hi we are in East Sussex close to Eastbourne, it would be nice to go to legoland but its a distance from us. I would like to find families that are close enough to have coffee and chat on a regular basis and build a friendship of support in the difficult times

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We have families in that Area. We have over 300 families in the UK with Eosinophilic Disorders. Most of them use the FABED Facebook group which is for members only then there is a FABED open page. We also have a website which has a forum attached to it. We all support each other and groups do meet up.

Hi lisalam I saw your post and saw that you have children that have the condition eosinophilic gastroenteritis .Myself and my older brother have the condition and my mum is the carrier .Im in the uk and not many doctors know how to manage my pain and which steroid is best to treat the inflammation.sorry to hear you feel isolated I have bad depression due to this illness ,im happy to chat to you any time as i understand what your going through .hope to talk soon ,

Tammie x