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Any advice?

Hi everyone, I have my follow up appointment today after a fresh cycle didn't work and I have a nurses appointment Wednesday to talk about a FET. I just wondered if anyone had any advice as to what I should be asking at the follow up appointment in regards to why it didn't work that time and what to do differently the next time. The doctor who put in the embryo last time assumed I'd had miscarriages after he looked inside my womb but I wasn't aware that I had had miscarriages (I've always had crazy heavy periods but it's possible that they could have been miscarriages I suppose) anyway it's made me think that I definitely have to bring this up. I wonder if there are any other tests I should be asking for before they try again as I don't want to waste an embryo. This is also our last funded go so Iwould want to get the tests before we are having to find the money to have them. Any advice greatly received! X

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I'm so sorry to hear that your last cycle didn't work. I think early miscarriage is often overlooked because they can be 'missed' pregnancies. Professor Winston would recommend that you ask for a second opinion from a fertility doctor with a specialism in recurrent miscarriage and ask about tests for known causes of early miscarriage such as immune issues (both autoimmune and alloimmune problems). Have you had a thyroid function test at all during your fertility treatment?

Also, if your doctor can see evidence of pregnancies on your uterine lining it would be good to ask if you need any surgical procedures to increase the likelihood that an embryo will be able to successfully implant there.


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