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Our community

Our community

We are so pleased that you have signed up to our Fertility Community. Trying for a baby is an intense and emotional journey and we want to connect you with other women and couples going through the same things that you are going through.

With the help of Professor Robert Winston (IVF Pioneer) we are trying to empower you in this personal journey.

Our forum is open to all individuals and couples who are trying to maximise their fertility and have a baby and we have a few polite rules to help make your ferility community encouraging, informative and supportive.

So here are our 'house rules,'

* No spamming please

* Give more than you take. This is a community and you have a lot to offer other individuals and parents, please treat it as such.

* Be polite, don't criticise. We all have different views -- that's what makes life interesting. Be respectful of others' views -- even when they are different to yours. Nothing tricky about it, just be a decent person.

That's it ... go get started!


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