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The Erythromelalgia Association

Any helpful hints to manage this


Can I ask some advice from you all please? I'm pretty sure I am currently suffering from symptoms of Erythromelalgia, I have MS and have had problems with my hands and feet for nearly 10 years. I will chat to my neuro the next time I have an appointment, but this current heatwave has really made the burning sensation flare up. Has anyone any tips on how to manage this in this heat?

Thank you

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Hi Carisb, I wouldn't be at all surprised that you have Erythromelalgia as you have MS. One of the causes is nerve damage. It's been dreadful with the heat wave. What I do is to get a bowl of cool water and sit with my feet in it. I have to keep topping up with water out of the fridge as it gets hot very quick. My hands aren't as bad as my feet, but sometimes I have to do similar with them. Have you seen the association erythromelalgia.org/WhatisE... there are some brilliant ideas there. I joined a while ago and now I am a moderator for the forum. People have lots of ideas on there if you look round or even ask questions. I also have some foot wraps that hold ice packs. There are people from all over the world there and the Americans tend to be in front of the UK with ideas and research.


Hi Sheltielife,

Thanks for this! I will definitely check out the association website for some tips.