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My little boy ha just gone back to school after the Christmas break , and had been doing well at home soiling less often and I’m worried it’s going to get worse again has his gone back to school . He seems to make more progress at home than at school I mean he adores School he really does .

His on Movical and senna . His morning ooo is most often a bit hard intill he has his movical,hehashis senna in the evening. Would giving him more movical at night help this in the morning?

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My daughter is nearly ten and has two movicol in the morning, one in the evening with 5 to 10 mls of sennakot but it i real trial and error

My little boy isn’t on 4ml of senna and 1 sachet of movical. He was on two but that wasn’t too much. His just come home from school and only had 1 accident thank god

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