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Any advice

I’m 29 and have had seizures since I was 9 and been having bad headache and weird tastes in my mouth here recently

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What kind of advice are you looking for?


I get really bad headaches which are only cleared with the aid of tramadol, which I'll rarely use because they are addictive. Bad smell I get, tastes no. Have a dental check just to make sure nothings wrong there or ask your gp if it could be a reaction to one of your aed's.

Sorry I'm not much help.



Hey I’m new on here I’m Matthew I’m 21


Headaches are common with epilepsy; I wake up with a headache regularly, but find Anadin and Paracetamol are the only tablets that clear it. I have had epilepsy for 45 years now. Our stress level affects our seizures, as well as hormonal imbalances... If this continues speak to the doctor again.


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