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Welcome to the Epilepsy Research UK Community!

We have set this up to provide a space where you can share your experiences, support one another, and become better informed about epilepsy. Feel free to start commenting and asking questions of other members now. We will visit the community regulary and will comment if we think we can be helpful. If you specifically want our input into a matter, please let us know.

All the best!

Epilepsy Research UK

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  • Thanks for the welcome, Leigh. I only found out about the site this morning. I have wished for a long time that there was something like this available - you can feel very isolated when you suffer from epilepsy and don't know anyone else with it.

  • Hear hear! I'm just a mum of a 15 year old epileptic and the adjustment period has been rocky for us all!

  • Hi Ecossaise

    The site's only recently gone live so were pleased that people like yourself are already finding it useful.

  • It's great to see that there is a some chat back and forth on several threads in such a short space of time - I'm beginning to feel less alone and more "normal" already. Hope we can all add something to help each other.

  • Hi Ecossaise Did you get my latest note to you today 15/7/13

  • Thank you for the welcome, Leigh! I have had epilepsy for over 39 years now, but life continues. By accepting my epilepsy at the age of 17, having the willpower to carry on, giving it time and having further understanding, I have managed to remain independent and go forward with my life. We are all in this together. I have now gone one year seizure-free but cannot understand why. If anyone wishes to follow my posts, please feel free to do so either on Facebook or Twitter. May we all unite and follow as one!

  • Hi everyone Would like some information on nocturnal seizures. Have had bad aches on right side of head followed by sweats in night not sure if this during a seizure, my husband say I twitch a lot?

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