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unwilling test subject Whirling on the nhs wheel once more!

Hi Folks! been absent for a while, thanks to the unasked for Trials I am Defo a part of for the 'new pils' I was given ,(" Honest Wul they are perfect for your Brain"),!! Goddamm Liers!!

Still 'shredding' my memory with great efficiently. destroying my balance, too, triple vision still,rotten feeling in me gut,going out alone still filling me with Dread!!

oops!! anyhoo was given a EEG,chatted up the consultant on site,(he loved the attention!),result;- 'Right temporal slow wave changes'..anybody wanna enlighten this stupefied scot???.

Cheers..XXXX .Love & Kisses.+ Huge Cyber Hug zapped down me virgin wire!!

oor Wul..Know I can trust you lot...C.y...b------r.

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What meds have they tried you on my consult wants me to takes some new stuff haven’t started yet as i don’t know enough about them


Hiya L.j.!! I'll just list you me anti-convulstants,(?),--wait till I get my NoMad !!,( am No Mad you know!?!!)...ok;- 'Lacosamide;- 350mikes twice a day....Lamotrigine;- 300 mikes 3 times a

Day....Tegretol retard;- 600 mikes twice a Day..all doses split into morning an night!

The Drug that is causing the Horrible/ Nightmare is Lacosimide!! I do not even have a 'Trade' name for it!!??!!..I can think of a few 'choice' names myself ….as I stagger down the

road, feeling totally sick/ ill, unable to focus/ wondering ;- " is that a car or a cow bearing

down on me??

still I have my Doc next Monday,(4th), I am writing down any Queries when I remember!

Hopefully I will get some sort of satisfaction to my worries??

I will post any A.S.A.P.

Cyber hugs & manly Kisses..X.XXXX.

oor Wul ,(57 this Year!!)

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