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On Wednesday evening I was in hospital receiving treatment for a infection in my lungs. I was laying down when I started to get the shakes in my hands & then 10 minutes later it worsens to my who top half jerking severely. My hands & face were tingling, it felt like I was having electric shocks go through my chest & I just kept jerking. This went on for at least 35 minutes as I remember the nurse saying she has been like this for 25 minutes now & it was still happening for some time after that comment. I was fully awake, I was able to talk & communicate although struggled to keep my eyes open but I was conscious throughout. I was giving lorazepam eventually & within a few minutes it’s all stopped & I still had the tingly feeling in my hands & face but I was mostly tired after that & went to sleep. I was also very anxious & tearful & I remember constantly asking the nurse am I gonna die. I am not usually an emotional person so this was new to me. I looked on google & it says that seizures where you’re awake only last a few seconds to a minute & mine was much longer then that. So I wasn’t really sure what kinds seizure title I could relate too & ask my doctor about.

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