Am I being paranoid

I have been epileptic for 35 years and seizure free for 21 years. I don't tell people as I'm ashamed of my epilepsy so dont tell people. Now some people at my church know of my condition so I'm thinking of moving churches to one where people dont know me or my health conditions and so be able to help in church with no-one worrying if I am gonna have seizure I also drive. My partner thinks im overreacting

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  • Hi Kiera, i would say just be open and honest about it, once you educate them on epilepsy and your situation, they will most likely understand. If they don't accept you then you know where you stand???

  • Yeah only two know but one of them is the vicar and need her support to work in ministry which could be a problem now, they are a bit funny about you working in ministry if you are epileptic

  • i find it very surprising that they would have a problem with your epilepsy, i mean why?

  • They say they cant have you having seizure while preaching but may let you train if your epilepsy is controlled

  • After my epilepsy went following my neurosurgery I struggled to convince Joe Public, who goes round with this stereo image of an epileptic. But the Church saw me from another angle, and as a result I have assisted on the altar, distributed communion, read, given a meditation, sung solo and played the organ (in a very basic manner). So what do they think is the problem?

  • I felt really saddened to read your message. I no way shape or form should you ever feel embarrassed or ashamed of epilepsy. Everyone I know knows about my condition & I feel it's important that they do. I really do hope that your church support you & understand xx

  • I wish I could be more like you. Thanks

  • Oh bless you. You can be. Have you got any anyone you can talk to at home? Have you explained how you feel to your consultant? Could they arrange counselling for you? That way you can speak to somebody that doesn't know you x

  • I talk to my partner but he thinks im being silly will be seeing consultant for results of mri soon and eeg

  • You are not being silly one bit. Everyone has the right to feel different emotions. I think you should share how you feel with your consultant & ask for support x

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