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EEG "generalised cerebral dysfunction"

I'm embarrased posting here as I know my concern over this is tiny compared to the experiences so many of you have living with epilepsy.

But I thought many of you will have had EEG's and perhaps had come across this ?

The EEG was to investigate the possibility of epilepsy .The result was negative on that front but the "generalised cerebral dysfunction " showed up .

The consultant didn't seem bothered by this - so i know I shouldn't really be concerned .Unfortunately I was so taken by surprise that I allowed myself to be swept along by his conversation without persuing this .

And of course now I am worried .Have booked a GP appt but of course it's weeks away .

Anyone know anything about this ? I would be so grateful to hear from you .

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Hi, you shouldn't be embarrassed to ask as any worry is still a worry and I have epilepsy but not until I was 31 and that was 8 years ago now but when I was 21 I had a slight heart murmur and the doctor I saw was convinced I had a problem with my heart so sent me for test after test and they all came back negative but he was brilliant and went against the other doctors advice and sent me for the camera down the throat. Sorry I can't remember what it was called but it proved him right and the test showed I had a hole in my heart which I went on to have closed in surgery. I'm not saying you could have epilepsy but nothing should ever be ignored by the doctors or not discussed with you as this will of course cause you worry and if the doctor I first saw about my heart had disregarded it I wouldn't be here now and that was all before epilepsy so don't let the doctor just brush it off when you see them and if you want more tests you have every right to ask and I have had health problems since being diagnosed with epilepsy and there have been times when I've asked so what if it causes this or that and I would just get well we will cross that bridge when we come to it and that has caused my health to get worse so now I say when the doctors say we will cross that bridge I say we are crossing it now. Good luck, I hope everything goes well X


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