The Aura???

Just interested to know what people experience before they have one?

Mine is like something from a horror, I feel like someone is behind me, like a ghost/spirit. Scary sinking feeling in my tummy abit like when you fly, 2 seconds i look over my shoulder & always say awww noooo & have learnt to try & sit down fast. Its the only bit i remember. I have generalised seizures.

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  • I used to want a full English before I had a fit never ate. 😃😃

  • That sounds horrible! I can't imagine going into a generalised seizure full of fear :S

    I have two possible auras - one is my heart beats really fast and I feel like my body is a wave or moving like a wave (writing that down does that even make sense!?!).

    Or I get a feeling like I am gonna be sick in my stomach which means I usually end up heading to the bathroom. Then I start feeling weak and distant and try to sit/crawl before I lose consciousness. It usually means I will have tonic-clonic seizure.

  • The most recent seizure i had my Aura was similar to yours. I was home alone i had a raising pins and needles feeling in my head, thought 'oh sh*t' as that is my normal aura with the pins and needles starting from my hand. Then moved from the kitchen as i was cooking at the time (home alone), to the living room. I got to the sofa and had the strongest feeling that someone was behind me. Then i swore a lot and that's the last thing i remember.

    I hadn't experienced that feeling before.

  • Its Evil I hate it... I feel like I'm cursed. I thought i was only 1 experiencing it. Thats why I set up this post, cause its so weird! I'd rather communicate wit real ppl on here Tho... Cause reading books/watchin videos etc, just makes me feel so sad 😔 & scared that I look like that & it happens 2 me! I had nightmares & couldn't read past 3rd pg of the book:A smell of burning Colin Grant

  • I started reading Surviving Wonderland and i couldn't finish it ether. The trouble is it's such a varied condition, that ones person experience is so different to another.

  • I get a feeling a split second before one. In which I usually say to myself 'Oh shit not again.' Though on occasions I've got angry, clenched my fists and sworn, then it has gone away!!

  • Wow 😯

    That means your in control... Plz can I ask what type of seizures you have?


  • No idea what type of seizures I have, have forgotten. It is only on rare occasions that I have chance to react and get angry whilst clenching fists. Also only recently that I have done this. Not really what I would call control though a form of prevention.

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