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Driving licence. What to put in application?


When i was 15 I was diagnosed in another country to have epilepsy. I took pills for 2 years then doctor decided its time to stop. And there was no complication. Now 2 years ago another probably epileptic episode happened (20 years after first one). Felt little confused, forgot some stuff like names of my child's friends ( but again I remembered my family, my friends, managed to make phone calls and walk to pick up my child from school then walked to hospital).

First EEG showed nothing wrong, sleep deprived EEG showed epileptic tendency. And MRI scan showed I have Rathke cleft cyst.

I decided not to take pills as the side effect could be worse than my "epilepsy". Went for consultation to another neurologist.

He checked my EEG, MRI (couldn't find the sleep deprived EEG in the NHS file) and wrote that he doesnt think it was epilepsy and wouldn't advice to do any sleep deprived one. He thinks its just migraine. And even if it was 2 years after last episode medicine is not advised.

Now what to put in my driving application? I had epilepsy or not. As I have the letter from another neurologist I don't have it. And the first one says I have it ( but first one was sending me to all specialist saying all my cardio etc results were wrong what the specialist said wasnt true)

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Please don't try and drive if you have any history of seizures. Not driving is very inconvenient I know but the chance of causing injury or death to a loved one or another innocent person is not worth the risk. You would be left with the lifetime of regret which is worse than any of the transportation difficulties you will encounter.


not sure if I had ..one doctor says it was seisure and other that it was migraine. It's difficult to manage without work and with walking 14 km every day (my kids preschool and school are far away and oposite directions) :(..wasting so much time on walking that i am exhaused all time


every seisure is different during my i was calling 111 and dressing one child to pick up another one then walking to school all during seisure so not sure how would this affect driving


If your seizures occur in sleep and that is the pattern you can drive I am allowed to drive I'm given a 5 year licence. I would say the difference in the 20 years does not show a pattern I would expect u need to advise dvla if you haven't already. Good luck sorry to hear about your seizure


I don't have any seisures. Last something was 3 years ago.I didn't even notify DVLA I ever had epilepsy as the second opinion says that I never had one :). I have 2 different opinions from 2 doctors.


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