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Im new here ... hello

Ive had seizures all my life from 18months old. At this age i had scans and an MRI found a shadow behind my right eye and nothing was said of it. I am now 22 and have been diagnosed with a calcified lumb in my brain which is on the slow go on growing.

My seizures have changed over the years. I've got from just staring for a few seconds to blacking out for 4 hours.

The most recent seizure was in September and i ended up in hospital for 4 days. I had no memory of how i got to the hospital. According to the a&e staff i had 3 in there and the paramedics said i didnt come round whilst in the ambulance and was flat on the bed but my heart was racing?

I have no memory of this happening or before it and I don't get any symptoms before hand either. Once I've had a seizure, i get really heavy legs feels like i have bricks tied to the back of my feet and im dragging the weight behind me. Im so drained my memory is poor and i am so tired.

The reason why im writting on here is im having new symptoms which I personally have noticed. I don't know what im doing and its like I've come round from something, i was found in tesco the other day by my uncle and made it home walking some how and i have no memory of this up until i was round the corner from my house which has never happened before and when i got home my uncle was at mine telling me what happened and i had no clue.

Similar things like this keep happening and just wondering of anyone else experienced anything like this? Its only since my seizures in September that i have noticed this happening. I'm not on any medication as I've been diagnosed with non-epileptic seizure disorder.

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