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Decision making time. Medication or not

Now I'm 60yrs and getting older with nocturnal seizures for 25yrs, approx 2 per month. No cause, triggers, in fact no one knows why and never found anything to stop them. 7yrs ago got fed up with meds. not working & side-effects so stopped them and concentrated on deep relaxation, yoga and meditation. Resulted in a clear head, body recovered in 24hrs, instead of 3 days and self-esteem improved. However, memory has got worse. What would you do, take the risk of more brain damage and hope for the best as I get older or go back on path of finding a med. that might work? Tks Michele

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I would definitely seek another opinion. Ask your GP to get you reassessed with a neurologist.

What causes a bad memory? With people who do not have epilepsy basically the answer is age or something a bit worse such as the onset of Alzheimer's.

With people with epilepsy it is the epilepsy itself. Likewise anti epilepsy drugs AEDs can also cause memory problems.

As I suggested to you reassessment is definitely a must and they check you out for the Alzheimer's at the same time.

All the best.


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