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Question please answer

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would my emotions bring seizures on?

am going thru really emotional stuff atm and keep having seizures

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Good Michael,

Epilepsy is a very strange medical condition to say the least.

Yes emotions such as getting excited, over excited, very happy, very sad. Can all spur on a visit from epilepsy, which I call The Unwelcome Visitor TUV on my block.

Likewise getting depressed and stressed out can also welcome in TUV. The best policy I have found is to try at all times to keep a relaxed mind. 

Positivity beats negativity every day, likewise keeping your mind occupied at all times is much better than sitting and thinking about yourself and the worlds problems. The latter is negativity which if you allow it will take you down in life.

I speak with a great deal of knowledge as I have had TUV for many, many years now.

Try going onto YouTube and playing and listening something to something on relaxation. The best way to listen to this is by going and lying down on your bed with the curtains drawn on.

Play this piece by using headphones to blot out all outside noise, simply listen and this will relax your mind and bring you a happier frame of mind.

I wish you well

Take care


In my case seizues and emotions always are connected. It's really hard to learn not to have emotions take over your body and life. It's something you have to become aware of every day and realize how some times we act ruled by a certain feeling or emotion that overcomes us. Try to stay focused on the positive and beautiful things we have and always believe in yourself. Surround yourself with people who give you light , love and support. I try to stay centered but sometime I get carried away with everything going on around me and seizure come. Maybe your treatment needs a change. The best of luck and support!!.

We all have different ways to relax or destress.  I find a good walk helps, preferably with a friend and this reduces seizures.  Your epilepsy nurse may have some other suggestions.  Good luck.

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i do that every thurs morn for few hrs with my carer

Yes, I can relate to emotions and seizures.

I try to remain stoic, and to try to be grounded (not let my emotions get the better of me). Maybe get a pet cat; they can have a calming effect during difficult times.

Btw, look into the possible relation between epilepsy and thyroid issues.

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Hi NorfolkRose, I am HIV positive also so who can say eh

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Please please tell me what is the relationship between epilepsy and thyroid problems ???????

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NorfolkRose in reply to CCSP-27

Not sure if there is a solid connection. Studies show that there may be a link between the two.

I find that boredom or high stress bring seizures on rather than emotions.

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am over everything in life atm

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