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Not sure what's happening!

I have been having text book simple partial seizures. I'm waiting to see the neurologist, I've had my licence taken off me and I'm scared. Is there anyone here who has just the simple partial seizures or am I to expect worse ones to come? I have felt funny a couple of times without having a seizure then been very tired afterwards, does this mean I've had a seizure? Sorry, so many questions, so scared.xx

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Epilepsy of kind from the most simplest ones such as absences are called can be called different names.

In the old days I used call my auras 'feelings' because I got and still do get auras which are feelings in my throat.

Please do Not worry, names are meaningless. Some neurologists, epilepsy nurses and indeed epilepsy sufferers can call types of epilepsy names, but what is a name.

Worrying is as you know a bad thing for you and for your epilepsy. The applies to getting enough sleep, which is essential to all of us. Obviously alcohol can be bad for most of us.

Please stop worrying and relax down and have a nice weekend.

Take care


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So I could have just these simple partials and nothing else? I have fibromyalgia and ME too, I'm so sore at the moment and I'm not sure if it's cos I'm stressing about the epilepsy or if the epilepsy is causing the pain, I'm back on my crutches and close to going back in my wheel chair. I feel so helpless! X


If you have seizures where you convulse, it is likely that you will be achey from this for a few days afterwards. I'm not sure if simple partial seizures involve convulsions though, so I'd be surprised if it is making you achy otherwise (although the stress may be making you tense).

Many people have just one kind of seizure and many more have multiple types. Look on charity websites such as epilepsy action and epilepsy research UK about epilepsy syndromes. You might not fit one of these (not everyone does), but if you read about those syndromes that involve simple partial seizures, you might find other symptoms that fit you too.

Hope you get it sorted soon. All the best,



Epilepsy and seizures are very individual. I've had partial seizures for 7 years now. that means only one area in the brain is affected. I'm in the small percentage where they are not controlled by meds but that's in only 30% of cases.

Your neurologist will probably start you on medication and there is every likelihood that it will stop them. (70% chance). If that is the case you will still have to be seizure free for one year before attempting to get your driving license back. Anti epileptic drugs can require patience as can be difficult to tolerate at first as they make you tired but this will improve with time so perseverance is key.

The feelings that you describe are probably auras that can be a stand alone event or more typically act as a warning before a partial seizure. I don't have these.

Don't worry, your neurologist will help, make sure that you write down all your questions to get the most out of your appointment.

Epilepsy Action and the Epilepsy Society are two charities and their websites are full of information and worth a visit.

Good luck and I'm happy to answer any questions. 😀


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