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I had an EEG this morning. My 1st EEG was in June (where it showed I had abundant epileptiform activity) and in Dec I've had to start a second anti convulsant & also have a second EEG.

The technician this morning was lovely and I felt very relaxed.

She said there were abnormal activity where my damage is but there were many people with abnormal activity who don't have epilepsy. I asked if she felt that some EEGs can be wrong or misinformed and she said yes. She also went on to say that there's definite abnormalities where the damage is but to her my symptoms didn't fit with where my damage was.

So I left feeling as though she thought my original EEG report was misinforming and I was putting on my symptoms. I can't talk for the EEG report but all I can say was I sat on my symptoms for nearly 5 months as I thought I was going crackers & the consultant who knew the location of my damage & my full history told me she suspected I had seizures or epilepsy - & was right.

I felt like poo for a couple of hours (may have been to do with the facts I've not driven since May, taken chemicals since May & consequently lost my career since being told I had epilepsy) as a healthcare professional inferred the EEG consultant gave me the wrong information and I was putting on the symptoms as they didn't relate to my damage.

Has anyone else experienced the same or can give me some advise please?

Thanks MA xx

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To be honest the technician shouldnt be telling you anything this should be always the doctor in charge of your case just incase there is any mistakes


The technician's job is to press the buttons on the machines - not to tell you whether or not there is anything wrong with the EEG. That is the doctor's job. Listen to the doctor not the technician!


Dear Lord.... to start with they are not Technicians. They are Physiologists, some with 4 years degrees in Neurophysiology, Masters, PhD...

Their job is not press buttons. Their job is to perform clinical diagnostic tests and work alongside side with the consultants. They do provide factual reports and they can in fact provide provisional reports when there's an urgency for it.

You would actually be surprised if you knew that part of the Consultants training is provided by Physiologists and especially when it comes to EEG...


Technician is only there to do the tests not give out results pay no attention wait till u see the neurologist


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