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Trying to get through uni

Hi there,

I am new to this page and have been diagnosed with epilepsy for just over a year. I still struggle with coming to grips with my diagnosis as it is genetic and the docs are unsure of my triggers and how to control the seizures.

At the same time of my diagnosis I also started university and as a way to try to understand what I am living with my tutor suggested that I focused my year 2 project around epilepsy, and so I chose the subject of Seizure Alert Dogs. Below is a link to a survey I have created to try to gain an understanding of the need and understanding of seizure alert dogs.


Thank you for your time and support :)

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Yes keeping your mind occupied and writing new projects etc will help you immensely. Never sit there bemoaning your fate as this is negativity which takes you on a downward spiral.

Positive thinking is always much better for all of us.

Here's wishing you well


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Sounds like an interesting project,

I wonder how big a benefit of seizure alert dogs comes from psychological effects. The feeling of companionship and having someone whom is there for you no matter what is a great stress reliever, and dogs can bring that whether they be seizure alert dogs or not . Stress being a trigger for many people, I wonder if some people have a reduction in their seizure frequency from having one.

I've been studying epilepsy since being at uni and it can be very rewarding, but often difficult. Keep it up, you may be part of something that really helps people in the epilepsy community one day.

Will fill out the survey,

Good luck and stay well.

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Good luck with everything. It's so refreshing to see somebody turning epilepsy into something positive:-)


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