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Work not willing to listen

Hi recently allowed back to work after 3 months off I have simple/complex partial seizures had one back in January first one in over 5yrs as we all know it affects people in different ways and levels But work think epilepsy and only one thing convulsions I've try'd to tell them but will not take any notice wot I tell them my work duties have been altered I'm not to be left alone according to occupational health But I live by myself my previous employer witnessed a fit many yrs ago and realised anything was going on as I just stood still and didn't respond to him so I told wot was going on and he seemed fine with it knowing there was no danger to myself or any one else nothing changed but current employers with I've been with for 7yrs are being very one sided

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I feel very sorry for you. This does not sound fair. Do you mind we asking what you do (so I can put this into context, obviously some jobs much more dangerous than others)?

Is there any chance of going to your doctor and getting them to write a letter explaining why it should not affect your work? Alternatively, if you are in the UK, I beleive that job centres have people who may be able to support you or will be able to put you in touch with the right people who can. Another possibility is a union, if you are a member of one. Talk to your local representative.

Hope this helps.


Amybadd got a doctor's letter it didn't tell them nothing apart from its been under control for many years my job is a material handler Yes I do operate the trucks which are not dangerous as they work on line which means magnets under the ground automatic brakes and for the truck to move you need both hands on the controls as it works off your pulse Work is just being awkward throughout the whole process work have not asked anything about the condition wot type wot are your triggers etc and there is only one person can answer and that is myself when it comes to epilepsy people only think one thing


That is tough. It certainly sounds like you should be capable of doing your job. I guess the company are looking after their own interests. They don't want to risk an accident as they think it will make them look bad.

Have a look into the job centres and unions and you might alo be able to get advice if you contact someone at one of the epilepsy charities (ERUK who run this board and Epilepsy Action in particular I have found to be very helpful).


Hi jayzee45,

Sorry to hear about the unfairness going on at work at the moment. As Amy has requested, what type of position are you doing? Are you working with machinery or any equipment that might be dangerous?

I also suggest you go back to the Doctor and get a letter to cover you with your employers, which states that you have epilepsy but are quite capable of being employed. There is so much stigmatism and discrimination against those with epilepsy within their work environment, that is essential you are not discriminated against yourself.

Keep us posted as to progress.




Hello Jayzee_45, you can also contact Epilepsy Action on 0808 800 5050 - they should be able to give you more information about your rights as an employee. All the best, ERUK


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