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This is the only type of seizure that I have which can be called a blackout. They can happen at any time or place. I can be sitting down or walking it is usually 2 to 10 minutes, after that I just get the feeling that I have lost some time.

However most of these are now happening in the same place at the same time.

Just as I am going in to Birmingham City turnstile and making my way to my seat. Sometimes I dont remember going in at all, just being in my seat with the game just starting. I do have a carer with me who has kept an eye on me.

Has anyone had this type of seizure?

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  • I was also diagnosed with complex partial seizures. They only affect part of your brain, so you can still function (move, even talk)--but you won't remember what happened during the seizure. I've heard of people with complex partial seizures who were arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct when they hadn't had anything to drink--but they had had a seizure.

  • I have complex partial. Sometimes I'm only partially aware of what is happening; know that I have done something, but don't know what! It's as if the last thing that I remember is a few minutes ago, but next I find myself in a complete different place or position, and have to figure out the missing pieces of the jigsaw!

  • Yes mine is very similar. No warning for any of the seizures that I have.

  • Can believe that easily.


  • I, like the other two replies have complex partials (focal would be better description) and as with the other two replies find it quite confidence beating to have the blank spaces. Finding that you've done things you 'haven't done' or haven't done things that you 'have done'.

    One of the worst for me is on occsion finding myself in the adjoining room to where I last remember being with no idea how I got there of why.

    My seizures are from left medial temporal lobe because of a slow growing diffuse tumour so I also have speech and vocal language problems to go along side.

    As far as blackouts are concerned I've only had two, one while driving and one in a shop where I cascaded down 4 or 5 steps. I can't really describe the difference between the partials and the blackouts because with the partials there are bits missing but the black outs were just that sudden blackness and then bang.

    As for same place and time it could just be that you're exposed to the triggers to your seizure in those specific circumstances and would be very useful to both you and your neuro if you could identify exactly what those triggers are so you can avoid them or adjust the way you approach them.

  • They can happen at any time and anywhere... Anxiety could also be bringing them on... i.e. the thought of you attending Birmingham City turnstile which is playing on your mind before you attend and during the course of finding a seat. Thank you to the carer who is with you... You are one of the lucky ones. I get no warning signal before a tonic clonic seizure which lasts 35 minutes and more. Take care.

  • Sorry for late reply on this. Just had another one going into Blues. Two days ago I had very worrying one. My memory loss in time was about an hour. I was only 20 minutes walk away and nearly home. This is when I stumbled forward on to my face. I was assisted up and in to a nearby building, where I sat for 5 or 10 minutes when I left and went home. However the place where I stumbled was not were I would have been walking home from normally. I can say that is the worst C P that I have ever had.

  • Pode ser uma crise parcial do tipo "apagão cognitivo", mas no decorrer dos anos poderá transformar-se em "uma ou umas" crise complexa da memória, onde por um período mais extenso vamos nos esquecendo de todos os eventos que nos ocorrem ou nos cercam.

  • It can be a partial seizure of the "cognitive blackout" but over the years may turn into a "or a" complex crisis of memory, where for a longer period we forgetting of all events that occur on or in surround.

  • Hi bookkeeper I have complex partial seizures which only last a few minutes in the earlier days it happened a lot but the last 6yrs once I switched to keppra and not thinking about it so not getting anxious

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