having a seizure but don't loose consciousness

i have been off my medication for some time now and at one time i got an attack but this time i didn't loose my consciousness i just felt so weak that i had to lie down and had a very very strong headache that almost burst my head. i felt like i was actually going to have a seizure but its like my body prevented it from happening and i also had no convulsions. the headache lusted over 8 hours. what could be the cause of this. please help. this has happened twice

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  • I would consult your Neurologist or doctor in this regard, to discuss this subject further. Sounds similar to migraine, but could be a cause of anything related to epilepsy. Don't leave the matter... See a doctor. Thank you.

  • thanks for your advise

  • I don't loose consciousness when I have most of my seizures, nor do I convulse. I do notice headaches around this time too and was wondering if they were related but I haven't kept track of this.

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  • I understand what you are saying I do not black out but get plenty of warning so I try to remain in a safe position and ride the storm awful as it can be. Speak to your GP/Consultant clearly it is confusing but I manage hope you can to. Take care

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