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Weathering the storm

It's the simplest chill

to take that little pill

Slow it all to prevent the fall

No sudden surprise, no flick of eyes

All stop before I drop

No crash or smash of the head but instead

A saving piece of luck is all that will be struck time to sleep, not to weep

After the rest will feel a little weak

Soon feel back at my best after the physical test

Hopefully now passed; along with the stress

Thanks to the one simple pill and that gently created chill


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Another great little poem! May I share!


You may ;-)



Are you by any chance a poet?


Wouldn't dream of calling myself that. I think thoughts, write words and it either feels right or I get rid of it. Im no good at sitting down to specifically write. I just get mental pull and something gets put to paper. I often think that it's the micro surges in the brain that cause me to be inspired. Only ever written a few about my seizures et al but its my way of clearing my head of random spaghetti (string like thoughts that sometimes are connected but often not, bit like pulling 2 ends of spaghetti at the same time. It's anyone's guess if they are connected or separate) I do this to de clutter and focus my thoughts. Persons therapy if you like ;-) funnily enough I think I just thought of a great line for another at some point.


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A great way to relax one's brain also, and sounds like a great remedy for therapy. I am a Voluntary Editor for Epinews Summer & Winter Magazines (on behalf of Epilepsy South Africa). I love editing and changing others English and grammar around... This gives me a chance to relax and think of life the other way round. Our Epinews Winter 2013 has just been released (email version), and I am waiting for hard copies to arrive. If interested in receiving the email version, please feel free to send email to lesmal@vodamail.co.za. Post has also been put on my page on Facebook for others to request. Have shared your poem this evening and am sure everyone will love it (https://facebook.com/lesmal)


but what about the times when you cant avoid the bang?

you wake up on the bathroom floor,

feel the blood dripping out from your jaw.

you're home alone, and you sit there in pain,

think to yourself, "oh please not again!"

you try to stand up,

your legs feel like jelly.

take a deep breath,

taste blood in your jaw,

so you sit there and cry,

On the bathroom floor.

p.s. sorry its a bit dark


Hi endogenous91

Been away or a bit. I like your poetic response. Don't worry about dark, words reflect a thought process, not necessarily a state of mind. A lovely poem called 'stop all the clocks' most people have heard this at some point. Very dark but so uplifting at the same time. Not to mention that the scenario you described perfectly states how I achieved a neat little scar through my lower lip, and I do mean thru not on. Keep on keeping on ;-)



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