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Epilepsy has been in my family for many years.My father,myself, my son and niece. Mine are controlled by medication. My niece,age 43 still has them. Up to 2 yrs ago my son, then 35,had them every day,some partial and some grand mal, which beganb when he was 18. Two years ago he wen to London Neurological Hospital for tests to see if he could be helped. After many visits and tests i different hospitals, he was referred for an operation toi take away the part of brain that was the cause. They cut the part of brain away, then a year later fitted him with a titanium plate. In the two years since the op he has been seizure free, so I say to you all, don't give up as you never know,the next one might be you. Good luck to all

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This is great to hear and may he continue to be seizure free. I have had epilepsy for 39 years, which started at the age of 16. I managed to go 15 months seizure free just recently, but then all collapsed and the triggers and jerks have started again. I will never give up the fight and will continue day by day, which is the best way. Medication has certainly helped me during all these years, but I won't stop the fight! Love to you all, and congratulations to your son!


Many thanks for your answer. I have had epilepsy since i was 11 and now am62. It was really bad for the first 10 yrs, then stopped for fifteen. Started again, an they got closer together. A lot of stress caused one about ten yrs ago, but lamotrogine was added to my normal ohenytoin, and I have been ok. So, as you say, day to day is the only way to look at it. Love and best wishes to you


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