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Epileptic ( frontal lobe)

Hello, I acquired epilepsy through medical malpractice at the age of three. Honestly I hate having it. I'm on spiral 200mg three times a day. I've been seizure free for 17years. But just feeling the affects of this condition on my body, and how it affects my life.. well facing it by talking about it helps a lot. Are you an epileptic to? Love to hear from you😊

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Answer. Goig by Epilepsy New Zealand's definition I am not an epileptic , nobody is!

I am someone who gets seizùres which have been definedas epileptic seizures, end of story. Just because someone gets seizùres doesn't mean they are epileptic, someone whose seizùres are epileptic type as against another cause.

This is promoted as scientific information so should be presented in a factual way which would be assumed as the truth, so correct your style.