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Introduce yourself to the community!

Why not introduce yourself to the rest of the community? Say hello and maybe

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I was diagnosed as a baby (I had a difficult and prolonged labour, maybe that is related?) and had my last seizure a few years ago. I still take phenobarbitone but I am quite excited (also worried) because my physician told me I can stop using medication very soon.

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Hello, I acquired mine through medical malpractice at 3. It's so nice to finally meet others with this condition. I have frontal lobe epilepsy. I've lived really all my life alone dealing with a condition many don't seem to understand. With more than my voice speaking, maybe now people will understand. I would love to be your friend. Stay in touch. Camie

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Oh I've been told by many doctors to never stop taking the medication. Chances of having a seizure is high. Is it pregnancy related?

Hi Everyone, I have had epilepsy for 40 years... Anyone wishing to see my posts on Facebook, please feel free to go to A page especially for the positive side of epilepsy! Hope to see you all there.

Let's get some feedback from some of you on how your epilepsy has been for you! Join in the chats and remember to live one day at a time.


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I'm honestly not trying to down play your enthusiasm, I have it and I don't find many positive aspects about it. I can't think of any right off the top of my head. But I'm glad to see your optimism. Keep smiling.

It sucks to be frank, I'd trade it for something non brain related, such as the loss of hair. Or even a mild physical birth defect

I'm a comedian who believes that adding humor into a challenging situation helps to break the use and it gives a new light on acceptance. Regardless of what it might be. Laughter makes the sun shine a little brighter. If the heat increases here I'm a French fry.

If my phone doesn't stop changing my words, it will see the wall. Lol