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Anyone else experience a flare up after bereavement?


my Dad died last week, I nursed him through final stage of his illness so it was all very stressful. During that time my bowel symptoms flared up and i basically couldn't go to the loo for days. Today I'm in a lot of endo pain in my lower abdomen for first time in a while. Has anyone else experienced similar?

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Hi, firstly I'm very sorry for your lost. Losing someone dear to you is extremely hard and very stressful. Sadly my grandad passed away two weeks ago after suffering from ill health for sometime. I was very close to him and us a family watched his deterioration over the last few months. During this time my Endo has flarred up big time, with me experiencing a heightened level of pain especially in my back. I have also been very tired and felt sick most often or not. The latter is something I've suffered from in the past but not on a regular basis. Stress being the main contributing factor for this flare up. I'm now in the process of trying to reduce my stress levels however I'm aware this will take time as I'm still very much grieving my loss. Just taking everyday as it comes. I do hope your symptoms start to reduce :-)


I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending love at this horrible time.

Stress can cause flare ups, and also if you had bowel problems, that will have irritated the endo.

I hope the endo pain eases soon xxx


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