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Any tips/tricks on how to deal with the pain/fatigue??


How do you all deal with going about your day amidst all the pain and fatigue? Recently I have gotten to the point where I have more days than not of either extreme fatigue or horrible pain/nausea or both and I hate how it interferes with my daily life! I have a very active lifestyle normally and now I can barely function. I've had to miss work several times over the past couple of months due to the fact that I'm either vomiting and in pain all day or so fatigued I can barely move myself out of bed. I'm literally feeling like I'm 24 going on 80 with all this endo nonsense. It's the fatigue that's the worst, it is totally different from the feeling I get from simply not getting enough sleep - I get very dizzy, light headed and just generally extremely out of it, and can barely move my body or think straight. It just feels like I'm in a fog moving through quick sand. So does anyone have any suggestions to alleviate this?? It's starting to get to the point where it's negatively impacting every aspect of my life and nothing I do has seemed to control it. I've even been eating a very clean diet, with no meat,dairy or processed foods and it's helped with the ibs-type symptoms but not with the fatigue or pain, which is causing the most interruption to my daily life.

Tldr: help!! I hate feeling like a 90 yr trapped in a 24 yr old body 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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Hey sorry to read this i totally understand your pain and issue.

I got anemia issues in my 30’s and after many blood tests from full blown fatigue esp after ovulation so before period - I managed to research and find a good vitamin B complex with high B12 content is literally a life saver ! The results are outstanding and help your body feel a lot better. I also found vitamin d worked for too.

Painkillers however are the only recommendation for the horrendous pain.

Trying to take with good helps body with pain - even a biscuit has helped me.

Hope this helps


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