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Ovulation type pain before period On right ovary area

Sore nipples one week before

Constipation one week before for 5 days 

Moody and emotional one week before 

Period comes out mostly when I wee

Pain during urination, passing gas and stool

Pain during sex and after in bladder area

Frequent urination and only a dribble comes out ?

Horrible tension headaches, when apply pressure to temples it hurts !

Mid back pain ?? 

Right ovary pain during period - constant pain all day 1 

Loss of spotting before period 

SEVERE SHARP pain before doing a poo or passing gas !!!! Period Lasted 7 days

Pressure feeling on right ovary ? No period 

Pretty bad pains before passing stool

Finally dark brown/ black clots appearing ? Period finished on 4th April and now it's the 9th April ? So second period for the month (possible reaction to coming off the pill) 

Really sharp pelvic pain before during poo

Also got diarrhea 

Only a brown discharge with clots still ? 

Random sharp tugging stretching pelvic pain 

And difficulty urinating. Alcohol maybe trigger it ? Right side pressure feeling and low back pain 

These are all the symptoms I've experienced !! Normal or sounds like endo ?!?!

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It could be various things really but it very much sounds like my endo symptoms when I'm not on treatment so it's definitely not normal and not something you should have to live with.

It would be worth going to your GP with a symptom list and asking for further investigation.


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