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Pain after period

For the last few months I've got off pretty much scott free in terms of period pain, but this month I've been absolutely knocked sideways by pain after my period. This morning I could barely get out of bed. The only way to describe it is a feeling like I'm carrying rocks in my lower abdomen.

I've always had pain after my period until around mid cycle when I think I ovulate (although not sure I actually do due to my ovaries being fused together with endo), but this month's been pretty awful.

I also have fibroids so wondered if that could also be a factor.

Anyone else experience pain after their period?


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Hello, yes I am in constant debilitating pain along with bloating, nausea,headaches and exhaustion. What pain relief are you taking? Have you tried changing your diet and cutting out wheat and diary seems to help some ladies. Another lady recommended a tens machine for pain relief. Best wishes xx


I take mainly paracetamol. My GP has prescribed co-codamol but it tends to make me sick. I've been told not to take anti-inflamatories as we are trying for a baby.

I'm currently trying to lose weight so have more or less cut out wheat and dairy from my diet (apart from the occasional bowl of cereal or sandwich) since the new year. I know dietary changes are highly recommended in the treatment of endo but I've found it flares up more when I'm being careful about what I eat. The same thing happened last time I went on a diet. This could be coincidence of course.

Have you changed your diet at all?


Hello Discobec, I realize this is an old post but I was searching this board for cases of "pain after period" and I found yours. Just wanted to see how you feel since it's been two years since you experinced this type of severe pain after period. Did it get any better? any treatment options, any new diagnostic?

I have this type of severe pain that starts just a day or two after I finish my period and lasts until ovulation. The pain is extreme and antinflamatories help but not completely. If you're reading this, please let me know how you feel.

Thank you!


Hi, I've quite recently had full excision and a myomectomy to remove two large fibroids (12cm and 5cm).

I've had three periods since surgery and although I'm still experiencing some pain after them it's nowhere near as bad.

Have you tried Turmeric? It's a natural anti-inflamatory and I found it definitely helped. X


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