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Endometriosis symptoms....does anyone else get these symptoms?

Irregular bleeding and severe fatigue before and during period. Very heavy periods too . Also constant craving for sweet stuff and mood swings. Trying to get pregnant again currently . It's been a month so haven't been trying long but it hurts having sex again and although we are trying almost everyday to conceive, I just keep bleeding sporadically!!! fed up of fatigue before n after :( can anyone else relate to this? Xx

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Sorry to hear your having a bad time, i struggle with these symptoms all the time and its just hard work isn't it. I have days where i just can't seem to get out of bed, days where i cry and scream all day... its just draining emotionally and physically.

I wish there was something i could say to help, but i just don't know of anything :(

Sorry, and i hope your having a 'good' day today!

Emma Xx


We are also trying for a baby. So hard isn't it when you are randomly bleeding, feeling tired and bloated. TMI alert but I find trying different positions sometimes helps the pain during intercourse. Also I was bleeding after and during sex so went to doctors and they found I had cells growing down my cervix so gave me abolation ( bunt them away, I think it's called that) and that helped. Only a quick thing, didn't have to have a general anesthetic either.


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