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Period started after Decapeptyl. Will I get same pain soon or will endo still asleep a while?

I had a first and the last Decapeptyl in the end of February. I had to stop it as I had severe side effects. My period started this morning. I have some period pain but compare with pre-decapeptyl pain, it is still OK.

Should I expect the same pain from next month? or will endo still sleepy a bit longer and give me a bit of peace?

I have a suspected endo in my lung and diagnosed endo in my pelvic area and dense adhesion. I have a long flight in July and if my period comes back regularly my flight day would be during the period. I am trying to avoid to get my lung collapse (if I can get away with it!!) before and during my flight.

I can't have any pills to stop my period as I have severe migraine with aura so I need to find other way... I just hope my period pain is not very bad for next few months.

I had only one injection so will my period back to normal?

Thanks xxx

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