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Can endometriosis turn into cancer? is there a cure for endometriosis ?

My periods were lasting two weeks with five to six weeks breaks between. I experienced heavy blood loss, clotting and painful sex,i googled online and found some people said endometriosis will turn into cancer,is it real ? I'm so scared, so is there a cure for endometriosis ? Thanks for your help.

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To my understanding I have found that no endometriosis will not turn into cancer. However there is suggestion to say later in life women who have suffered from endometriosis can get bowel cancer and chrons disease among other immune diseases. It’s more about the fact your immune system suffers due to living with endometriosis which can encourage a higher likelihood of other issues. The other issues that could arise could cause cancer later in life then again may not either. And many many many women and doctors will tell you no endometriosis cannot be cured however I saw my gynaecologist last week and had had a operation removing stage one endo and had hysterectomy. He went on to say that because I took out my uterus and had early stage endo that it would’ve very unlikely endo would return. It is a case by case situation. It can return and then it may not.