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endometriosis infertility treatment ,Which Curable and Affordable ?

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I have suffered from cramping, painful sexual intercourse and urination, bleeding during periods for 2 years,and recently,the situation become worse ,so i got an ultrasound examination and was diagnosed in the stage 4 of endometriosis, my gyne suggested me do a surgery,thought i have make appoitment with my gyne this weekend,but i still felt worrying.

I have googled online about endometriosis infertility treatment and found by far,endometriosis can be treated by following methods

1.Hormonal therapy

2.Pain relieve

3.Conservative surgery


5.Endometriosis herbal medicine

Fuyan Pills

So,what's the best curable and affordable treatment above ? Thanks for your suggestions.

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I could not say as I went for the total hysterectomy which is super expensive if I go private. Through public system it can take up to a year to revive the operation.


fuyan pill is effective in curing my symptoms, the price is not affordable,but in genearal speaking,it is worthy the value,by far, i didn't feel any side effects, and my endometriosis pain get a great improvement, for me, herbs fuyan pill is an ideal home remedies for endometriosis.