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Is there any point?

Still waiting on seeing specialist was told it was of routine protocol so who knows how long it will be before I am seen. In the meantime I’m in all this pain and so so tired all the time. I do however get some relief from time to

Time and hold those days extra special. Pain relief doenst work and of course my hot water bottle is my best friend. Although it doesn’t fully stop the pain. I just wondering what the point is if any on hounding the doctors when I’m unwell to get there attention. I want a scan done. I have most my pain in my bladder and pelvis feels like urine infections all the time. Some days I want to just give up. And when the average wait time for a diagnosis is 7-10 Years I feel there is no hope. Please is there someone here who can give me and others some hope. Will it get better? Do I bother hounding the doctors or going into a&e when I’m I excruciating pain?