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Endometriosis New Zealand
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Relationships being destroyed

I have seen a lot of posts of how endo effects your physical health. Not too much about mental health and definitely havnt seen anything about how it effects our personal relationships. ESP with husbands. I have had an amazing relationship with my husband until I started getting sick and now I feel it’s over and I want to divorce. Not because he isn’t trying to be supportive but because with this battle I need him to help me feel normal and spend some time with me enjoying life when I can. I hate feeling like this. No endometriosis isn’t cancer but it sure s hell feels like it. And I cry all the time feeling I cannot give my kids there Mum. All they want is there Mum and I cannot give me to them. And for my husband if I can give him any of me it is very rare. I feel maybe he is backing away because he cannot deal with it