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Stressed, young, confused

Hello to everyone,

I am a 22 year old girl who has just joined this forum to seek information, advice and reassurance. 3 weeks ago i had sudden onset pain in my lower abdomen that i would describe as 10/10 pain. I was taken to hospital in which they thought it was my appendix so they operated and removed my appendix. After surgery I was told that it was a burst cyst that had bleed 100mls of free blood. They noted it down as a "chocolate cyst" these terms are very new to me. Just last week i had to get a check up which involved a pelvic ultrasound, I just got my results back today and it stated i have a 36mm right ovarian cyst that they said is an endometrionma. I have never been told i have endometriosis so i am very confused about this. My uterus and left ovary are unremarkable meaning neutral. it also states my endometrium is smooth and regular measuring 6mm. I really want to have kids in the future i do not want this type of cyst to stop it from happening. I am very scared, can someone please share some information about my results.

thank you in advance

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Hey Crystalee,

I know that the inital diagnosis of endometriosis is all very scary, I was first diagnosed when I was 18 and had been living with it since I was 15 and had no idea what was going on til then. I have 3 friends who have varying degrees of endometriosis and they've all managed to have multiple kids - even when one of them was told she would never be able to have them :)

Best advice on this matter was given to me by my specalist whislt I was in auckland. He said "you don't know til you try" . Also the average couple when trying for a baby can normally take up to 2 years.

Have you had your laposcropy to remove the endo yet? After each lap I've had they always say what the chances are of you having kids in the future :)

You're still really young so I wouldn't worry too much about it, just focus on getting a good treatment plan in place for you, that way you can hopefully improve your chances of conceiving in the future :)

I hope this helps & you get the right help from the doctors :)



I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. I'm 20 and felt a ton of pain for a while till I couldn't take it and eventually went to the ER to find that I had an ovarian cyst that burst as well. After that I started seeing a doc regularly and he found a fibroid tumor and after a few month saw its been growing. I had a diagnostic laparoscopy where he also saw I have endometriosis..

I'm trying to learn the different treatments as well since my doctor is very reserved and doesn't discuss much with me however I do know endometriosis is very common and can be controlled pretty well with the treatment that works for you. I've been on a birth control where I skip periods so that's given me a bit a pain relief. But I am about to start a hormone suppressant injection/implant called zoladex that he says will shrink my endometriosis as well as my fibroid. And that my fertility chances will be better when I want kids later on.

There's probably more options out there Im learning as well.. best wishes though!

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Thank you for your reply is a fibroid tumor cancerous?


No a fibroid is benign.. my doctor is thinking about giving me an MRI though and I don't know why