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Is there anyone who was cured endo by Fuyan pill?

I had endo for half and one year,was tortured by the lower abdomen pain all the time. Several days ago I read a article named Treating endometriosis With The Help of Herbal Medicine and it mentioned Fuyan pill. I am paying attention to it and searching some information about it, I think it really suit for my case. I want to try for it and wonder how it effect. Who has ever took it?

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Hey there, sadly there is no cure for endo yet, only treatment plans that work for some and not others. Since having suffered with endo myself for 12 years I've learnt that one thing can work for me while another girl it will make things worse or not work at all. I've tried everything under the sun and the only things that have worked for me is the Mirena and getting a laposcropy when too much endo grows back. I'm currently on amitripttylene to help my moods be balanced and paracodeine to take the edge off the constant pain I'm in.

Anyone's best option who suffer from endometriosis is laposcropy surgeries where they go in and cut out all the endo that they find.

I hope this helps answer your question :)