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Laparoscopy on 16 year old?

I've been having pelvic pains for about a year now and my GP suspects Endometriosis so I'm going to see a gynaecologist in under a week. I would really like a laparoscopy to confirm/take out the endo (endo is seriously affecting my schooling) but I'm really worried the specialist will quickly dismiss that because I'm so young. Has anyone had a Laparoscopy at my age? If it helps I've been on two different types of birth control pills, have had an ultrasound and an eating only foods that don't irritate my (possible) endo

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Hi, I'm older now but I had my first lap when i was 15 years old, I've gone on to have 7 more as I have severe endometriosis.

Make sure you fight to get an answer and not brushed off, it can happen - being diagnosed so young but many women go for years unable to get a diagnosis.

I was first diagnosed when I was 15 and with this my doctor transferred me to a specialist (further away in location) but Very much worth the travel. I am now 25, tried so many medications and still see my doctors who is a trek away.

Another piece of advice, when I first got diagnosed I was going through my GCSE, but missing so much school meant the future was terrifying but my parents too me to a Chinese Herbal Inn and this saved me during my exams. Yes it cost money but it was the best investment made. The herbal inn gave me a mixture of herbal "medicine" they were various drinks with various natural ingredients in and accupuncture - this saved me!!

Anyway, don't worry about your age just make sure the doctor sees it is possible!!

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Thank you. Your reply has given me hope I won't just be dismissed with more pills, but I know I'll have to just see what happens and keep asking about the surgery. I'm at least hoping the surgery will help me be able concentrate in school or help with the constant exhaustion


Yes stay strong - it's a battle but looking back now I wouldn't change it. It makes you a stronger more determined person - I always think - don't let it win!!

Doctors are easy to give you pills and mask the problem.

If you need any advise just ask!

What part of UK are you from? I'm North East


Hi, I'm currently 17 years old but had my first laparoscopy at 15 years old after 4 years of unexplained pain and being sent back and forth to other doctors. Due to endometriosis being a common illness in my family, I was sent to a specialist who suspected the condition straight away. I was dismissed by doctors for years until one doctor finally believed me. Now you are seeing a gynaecologist you should not be dismissed, especially if your symptoms are severe enough to be impacting your education. Make sure you don't just settle for what they say, fight for what you want. I hope you get on OK and get the results you want. Although being diagnosed with endometriosis can be daunting, once you are diagnosed you will be able to have the correct treatment which should help you. Being diagnosed with endometriosis has made me stronger and more confident as a person.

I hope I've been able to help you. I'd love to hear how you get on :)