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Kidney Stones Stent

Hi I have 20 odd yrs ago had hyperparathyroidism which was operated on

So recently I experienced pain that was familiar to me as kidney stone pain

Went to AnE was admitted very quickly ,ty NHS, and given pain relief and a ct scan which showed a LARGE stone in the left kidney which they say they will remove surgically at some point , 3 small stones in right kidney and a larger one in right urethra which was causing the pain as it tried to escape

So following night a stent was inserted by GA and it's now been 6 weeks of pain n discomfort from the stent in stabbing me or at least that's what it feels like when it happens

So next week I have pre op assessment I am guessing for the lasering op for the right side stones

After they r peed away I am told the stent will be removed

But what I do t understand is why I read about people only having stents in for a matter of days in some cases and the stent having a string so they can remove it themselves or their doc removing it for them

Is this something that happens in US only or here in U.K too ?

How long have people had to wait between lasering and stent removal?

I was under the impression the stent would be removed under GA same as when it went in , am I wrong to assume that ? 🤔

The stent is tbh stressing me out so I want it gone asap 😟

But at same time I realise my problems r really minor compared to many

Anyway any info would be helpful ty

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