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EFA Releases its Book on COPD in Europe Seeking Minimum Standards of Care

Two weeks ago, EFA published its 2nd book on COPD entitled Minimal Standards of Care for COPD Patients in Europe. The book confirms the status quo for COPD care and presents outcomes from a survey of 16 EFA members and partners participating from different European countries. Specific care topics affecting COPD patients, ranging from spirometry testing to rehabilitation and smoking cessation services, were included in the questionnaire. Below you will find the 8 requests from EFA which together provide a basis for the provision of patient-centered and minimum standards of care pinpointed by EFA in the book.

1.Ensure early diagnosis of COPD by using spirometry testing in primary care for current and ex-smokers older than 35 years old

2.All general practitioners should be adequately educated to administer spirometry testing and interpret the results so as to assure early and accurate diagnosis

3.Coordination should be increased between primary care, specialists and hospitals to increase efficiency of treatment and quality of life for patients

4.Smoking cessation services and pulmonary rehabilitation should be made available for all COPD patients in need, regardless of their employment status

5.Increase the number of centres for COPD care and rehabilitation and ensure there are systematic plans in place for how to avoid exacerbations, consistent follow-ups with patients and intensive up-to-date training on the self-management of the condition

6.Promote a multidisciplinary approach for the rehabilitation of COPD patients to involve all necessary medical professionals who can help improve their quality of life with comorbidity assessments so as to efficiently treat all COPD patients

7.The participation of COPD patients should be legally embedded in all government decisions or processes directly affecting COPD patient care

8.Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD) testing should be available for infants and pregnant women at risk and augmentation therapy (AT) should be available in all European countries with the possibility of reimbursement.

Do you think these requests reflect the needs of COPD Patients?

We would like to hear from you what are your comments or any other feedback on this topic. All your contribution will be highly appreciated!

You can also access the PDF version of the book through the link here efanet.org/minimum-standard...