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EFA's Call to Action on Respiratory Allergies

Hello everyone, and welcome to all the newest members of EFA's Forum!

In November 2011, as a part of the EFA Allergy Awareness Project, EFA presented its Call to Action on Respiratory Allergies at the European Parliament to EU policymakers with medical professionals, allergy patients and partner organisations. Based on the results of EFA's "Book on Respiratory Allergy in Europe: Relieve the Burden" the Call to Action seeks to:

1. Increase the political recognition of respiratory allergies as a real and serious disease

2. Promote national programmes on respiratory allergies

3. Prioritize the management and control of respiratory allergies

4. Promote training in allergy for healthcare professionals to improve accurate and early diagnosis

5. Align healthcare and reimbursement policies, to support appropriate disease management

6. Improve indoor air quality

As many of you are patients with Respiratory Allergies, I want to take a moment to encourage you to add your signature to EFA's Call to Action on Respiratory Allergies in Europe today.

You can do so by visiting our Call to Action's website at: efacallaction.net/default.a...

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