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Developed Five of Eight Types now... And reacting to my Steroid Ointments?!


Hey all! Been a while so thought I’d drop in, say hi, check in and see how everyone’s been~ and to give a little update on my own status as well for anyone curious.

Born with one type of eczema I now, after 24 years, have five types. The latest two recently developing over the last year...

I have got fully body Atopic Ezcema, Hand Ezcema, Contact Ezcema, Dyshidrotic Ezcema, and Seborrheic Ezcema.

The first three, I’ve had for years so I’m used to them and how to manage them. The other two have been learning curves and the methods I got aren’t overly helping.

Mean I use Advantan Ointment on my fingers to handle the Dyshidrotic Ezcema, but I can only apply that once a day. In a flare up that really does nothing for me...

I have Elicon lotion for the scalp, which stings and kinda helps but kinda doesn’t. Mostly I manage it through Head and Shoulders Eucalyptus Shampoo and Conditioner.

The most recent development, which I need to discuss with my dermatologist when I get in to see them I’m starting to actually react to the usual ointments I use to tackle any flare up I have. Main concern been Diprosone Ointment which I’ve used for years now to tame any flare ups on my body. Now, even if I had a break from it for over a week...using it actually makes my skin turn even more red and itchy turning into massive red marks that last for days. And course, I can’t put more Diprosone on! Makes it worse... My usual methods are starting to fail me and that’s actually concerning.....cause without those methods, what do I do?

Found a combo of my moisturiser (gold cross soft white paraffin cream) and Q.V. Intensive Ointment (??) helps to tame it a little at least after a couple days applying and reapplying several times a day. But it’s not a replacement that’s for sure...

Does anyone else get this issue bout reacting to your steroid ointments for Ezcema?? And know what or why it may be occurring??

To note, in case it helps, for my Ezcema I use:

Soft white paraffin cream (full body)

Q.v. Intensive (as required, recent addition)

Diprosone Ointment (flare up spots only, full body minus face)

Bactroban Ointment (infections only)

Elidel Cream (face only)

Elicon Lotion (scalp only)

Advantan Ointment (fingers only)

And 180mg Fexofenadine (anti allergy tablet) once or twice daily - twice only when really reacting to something

Any advice or suggestions I could mention to my doc next time I go in would be great. ^^ thanks in advance and hope all have been well! Or least coping/ managing/ finding some relief

-Keira, out

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