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Hi guys & gals!

I'm new here but have been suffering with eczema my whole life (I'm 31) I've no body confidence at all and have to permanently wear bandages on my arms and legs because when I scratch I bleed it's gross and I'm so self conscious. I've recently been put on an immunosuppressant drug I'm really hoping this works it's my last resort for a clear, happy life!

Is anyone else on an immunosuppressant?

I look forward to hearing from you all!

Loves x

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Hey! Only just joined here but I can say I've had and still got, Atopic Eczema head to toe...I've had it since I was 2 so, 22 years, now...and feel you my friend! It was only after highschool I started to stop caring. I still hide my legs as thats where majority is but my face and hands (which have gotten so much worse in the last year or two!) I can't hide so, I've stopped caring...or try to anyway. I still subconsciously hide them.

Personally I hated bandages cause they made me itch more or left me red raw, loose clothing has always been better for me. But that's your choice! Guess, you just learn to own it. Or have to or it will control you far more than it should. Mean it already takes over our lives as it is, we shouldn't let it take over any more than it does naturally.

It is a part of you. It always will be and, it has helped define you into the person you are. That's how I look at it. I wouldn't be who I am without the struggles it threw at me from day one, so for that I try to be thankful and not hate it too much.

BUT point of this, I have been on an immune-suppressant drug called Imuran, or azathioprine, before. I was put on it when my eczema hit a point I was hospitalised (only for a week) so that was from 2006 to...2010/11 before I started to ween off it. It took forever to kick in but gods it did help. It truly did. It got my eczema back to a manageable level and maintained it. Like most strong stuff it had side effects, but hey, we do what we have to do to manage some type of normalcy with this.

Just hold on! And don't ever give up. It may take a bit but the immune-suppressent drug will help or least I hope it will for you. Prednisolone can help ease the itch and the redness (it can only be taken in small and short doses though (week long max but GP will decide that), which sucks cause the effect it has makes it addictive...good stuff) so that may be something to talk to your doc about as a consideration to ease it even a little, give your body a chance to heal up a bit?

This is all from own experience but best of luck to you! You're not alone, try to find a better light to see your eczema in. It's hard but, if you don't stop seeing it as an enemy or something to be ashamed of, it will always be the enemy. You control your body, not it.

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