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HELP urgent

Family member has had chronic eczema for months, we thought it was shingles and would just go away...last week his arm swelled up and he was prescribed antibiotics for an infection. He has finished the course, it is still infected, and now he has both eczema and swelling ALL OVER... we cut dairy, meat and sugar from his diet and added probiotics etc...but nothing is helping, he can't sleep because he says it feels like third degree burns! I am at my wits end and don't know what to do next. I'm terrified he's going to die. Could the eczema be a symptom of something even more serious??

Thank you hugely to anyone who can help.

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Hi I came across on your post tonight in desperation for help. Symptoms as you describe. Is your family member any better and what has helped? Thank you. I see noone replied to you post a year ago, how strange.


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