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My first blog!!

Hi all, I have identical twin girls who are both dyslexic in different ways. They are 9 yrs old. They have both been diagnosed now for 2 yrs (1 through dyslexia action and the other through school) but it's been such a fight with school. Is this the same everywhere?

Their new teacher is lovely so i'm hoping year 5 in school will be easier! Good luck to everyone!!

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Like everybody in real life, we are all different. some are complete idiots and are the nastiest most vicious people in the world by colour , religion or greed. but then you have people like me and you.

what do i mean by the above . well its a case of not judging people or places as per your experience or view of another.

I was diagnosed way back when i was about 5 back in the mid to late 80's. when i got to secondary school, most teachers said i was lazy no good. some even thought i was operating at a genius level because i seemingly wasnt interested in anything and because they believed my brain needed more stimulation they placed me up 2 levels up in maths, which i was then taken back down after just 1 week.

its now 2012, and we still have this issue that schools are not educated, and they stick to a specific way of doing things about learning difficulties. Dont forget a lot of adults believe their way is the right and only way, and teachers are adults. many today still think dyslexia is a load of BS.

Dont leave it to your kids education system to take control over who knows what or how to deal with the dyslexia, become educated about the subject yourself and maybe , you could be the one teaching the school. after all . if jamies school (tv show a year or so ago) is anything to go by, the education system is finally starting to get a grip and take on board that the ancient old education system is outdated and doesn't work for everybody, were not all lazy, violent people that the only good thing to do to us is getting thrown out just because the people within the school didnt and dont have the skills to adjust.

scribd.com/doc/97539169/Dys... is my write up. it may help and if you either read it to your kids or they read it themselves, it may be a case where you can understand where they are, what they are feeling and how they think.


Hi Nickygirl. Welcome! Good luck to your two little ones, looking forward to hearing how they get on!


Hi I have twin girls too, one is diagnosed dyslexic, I think the other may turn out to be, my son is also dyslexic but like many students went unnoticed until it was too late. I have had many battles with the school and continue to be in close contact with them. I have found it is very much down to individual teachers, some are really good and others hopeless.

Good luck


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