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Hi my name is simon im 37 i have had dyslexia since i was in primary school i started high school and thats were i was picked on for being different i had hardley any freinds.My parents moved me to boarding school thats were i felt all alone, It was a new experiance for me i didnt now any body all it took me a while to settle in and to make new frieds the hardest part was when we had half term i used to dred going home as my friends were in school and i did now anyone were i lived so though school i felt different to other people i still findit hard to talk to people and to make new friends

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l dont think people without dyslexia realise the implications attached to it. Life can be a challenge each day for my family 2 adults 4 children all with dyslexia are varying degrees so its alittle crazy but we get there and we are all OK.

l am really sorry you had such a bad time at school. l dont know where you are in your life now but l wish you all the best now and for the future.


thanks your comment means so much


Morning smiler1976. I understand what are u passing through as last year i was diagnose with dyslexia and severe dyspraxia. So if u need a new friend. Count on me. ; )


thanks for the comment means so much


Hi Smiler, im 54 and found out I have severe Dyslexia last year, life was hard for me at school especially. I was resigned to believing I was just slow and not very intelligent. I have really struggled in so many areas. Finding I was Dyslexic really was a life changing moment and seeing how Dyslexia has shaped my life I find amazing.

Of course Dyslexia has presented me with many difficulties and accounted for some really hard times for me but I can now see that it has also blessed me with some very nice traits. I now see my Dyslexia as a gift and I wouldn't want it to go.

Some times we need to look at the person we now are and how much of that person has been shaped Dyslexia.

Smiler, maybe im one of the few that is able to see Dyslexia as a gift. I'm happy to be a friend of anybody with any condition or complaint. If you use Facebook, please feel free to add me. (Ian Casely) that of course applies to anybody.


thanks for the comment


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