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350-mile ride in Scotland for Dyslexia Action

350-mile ride in Scotland for Dyslexia Action

Between July 3 and July 12, I will be cycling 350-miles for Dyslexia Action: from John O'Groats in Caithness to St Andrews in Fife, Scotland.

Up to now, I have cycled in the beautiful Fife over 1,000 miles since February 2012, so I feel well prepared for the cycle in July! My plan involves not only just cycling, but also brandishing the logos and t-shirt of Dyslexia Action and promoting the good work that the organization does. Dyslexia Action has provided me with a lot of promotional materials such as leaflets, postcards, mascots and other useful stuff, so I feel well prepared! I have my fundraiser's tin so I am hoping some funds will get thrown in there on my way as well! I will be stopping in both really small places, such as Altnaharra and Bettyhill in north Scotland and bigger cities such as Inverness and Perth.

You can donate to my cycle ride at justgiving.com/Kamil-Trzebi... . I also have my own blog where I will be posting updates from my ride, including photos, at kamilcycles350.wordpress.com/ . Finally, on Twitter, my username is @kamilcycles, if you'd like to follow me. :)

I am really excited about this - but I am equally as excited to be fundraising for this cause as I am about the cycle ride. I hope you can help!



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