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Hi,my daughter has problems with speling and remembering.She has a great imagination and can make stories about everything and with anything but when she has to put them in writen it gets to absolutely mess.She is a great performer aswell but when it comes to rememeber words it is very hard.I asked her teacher to pay attention,she alerted the SENCO at school.They have made some tests .Then i have to ask them many times ,in the last half an year , to receive the results.Finaly they gave me some opinion saying,in general, that she has not have dyslexia.But i am worried. She is saying very often " I am not good in...", she has some behaviour problems at home,at school she does not have any. I wonder shall we go to a private check up or just to accept the school's opinion.

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  • If ur gut instinct tells you something is wrong always follow it. Seek that second opinion. I did for my son and he was at the floor of the dyslexic scale. I fought for him by tribunal to get him in a specialist school for dyslexics he is now achieving and issues with self esteem are no longer. If I'd done nothing like the school wanted he'd be in high school now and I dread to think how his mental health would of suffered. Dyslexics are now placed on the austistic spectrum. Difficulty with memory is very common and putting things on paper. Seek the advice of an educational psychologist who is independent (not school related) and when you have their full report ( ask for a report that may be used in a tribunal) as their findings we be invaluable to your child's future education. Good luck

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  • The last thing the school district wants is another dyslexic they will have to help so the tests are probably not very thorough. Let the kid scrape through as best she can is their opinion. I wouldn't trust them.

    As for your daughter's writing, have you tried a laptop or equivalent? Most dyslexics do better with a keyboard. (I know I do!) There is also speech to text apps. Do encourage her gift for story telling. There have been many famous dyslexic writers and actors (which is kind of counter-intuitive, but true.) Dyslexics may have difficulty with words but we make up for it with vivid imaginations. It's frustrating not being able to do what others find easy, but keep pointing out to her she can do easily what others find difficult, like writing and acting. You might have her enter this writing contest for young dyslexic writers. Winning would be a big moral booster!

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